Friend Makin’ Mondays: What Makes YOU Beautiful?

Monday, February 27, 2012

What makes ME beautiful??

Well, I have to say that this is not a question that I think about often…mostly because I never associate that word with me.

When I think of something or someone beautiful I generally think of an inspirational quote, a breathtaking moment, gorgeous facial or body features, a touching moment between loved ones, the amazing wonder of nature…

So I have to really think…

what makes me beautiful… my kind personality–I truly don’t like other people to not feel good about themselves and I will often build up other peoples self esteem, even at the expense of my own my tender heart–I believe that there is good in everyone and I look for that good and am disappointed when I am proved otherwise

is my ability to love even in the face of disapproval or shame…it’s not easy to love another person with all your heart when so many people in the world call it wrong

No one has ever said to me, “you are beautiful” and I have blamed my weight for that all my life.   But that stops now.

Today and every day past today I am taking action to help make the “outside” me as beautiful as the “inside” me 🙂

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The sun is shining and I’m ready to crawl into bed.  It was a busy night at the hospital!

Have to rest up so I can do it all over again.

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