Sunny Sunday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A beautiful day full of sun 🙂

I’ve been plugging away at getting some stuff done considering this month is almost over and I’ve got to work the next two days.

Did some filing…made good progress.  My goal is to now get my personal filing done this month (which I should be able to do) and then NEXT month focus on filing all of my NURSING stuff.  That will be quite the chore as I’ve accumulated lots of stuff from work, ACE days, CEUs, nursing magazines.

I also worked on my February craft!  Which I forgot to even blog about my January craft, but I will when I get the February one done.  I only have one more part to do which I’ll do on my next day off.

And now I have a little bit of time to read before showering and making dinner.

It’s been a good three days off…

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