Friday, February 24, 2012

What a cold, dark, gray day.

Woke up to a blanket of snow covering the ground which melted away with a steady drizzle of rain.

The lights were on in the house all day.  They had to be…it was so DARN dark!  It was the perfect day to just stay in your pj’s and veg on the couch.  But unfortunately Izzy had an appointment at the vet to get her nails cut.   Which she did VERY well–a much better experience than last time.  At least there were no bodily fluids excreted during the nail cutting 🙂  And she was wagging her tail when it was all done!  Another piece of good news…she was weighed and down 3 pounds from her last visit in September.   She weighed in at 66 pounds which is only one pound away from where the vet wanted her!  Now her mommy parents have to get going on their weight loss too!  I’m going to get on the scale tomorrow and I HOPE it is good news.  It SHOULD be since my pants and tops are fitting better.  But you never know what that number on the scale will be.

Just watched the first two episodes of Survivor online for this season while Kimm watched her game.  I’m starving so I can’t wait for our snack!

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WIAW: The quick version

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wednesday fell again on a day that I worked, so here’s what I ate yesterday…


Same old…

English muffin (new kind…Light Multi-grain, Thomas, has a lot of fiber!) with Country Crock, all natural peanut butter, blueberry jam

Coffee with 3 tbsp flavored creamer

347 cals, 48 gms carbs, 10 gms fat, 9 gms protein


Nothing as I was sleeping


1/2 box of Kraft Mac and Cheese

2/3 cup frozen mixed veggies with 1/2 tbsp butter

1/2 large sweet potato, roasted in fry form (coated with 1/2 tbsp olive oil and salt and pepper), dipped in ketchup of course!

small bowl of sliced strawberries with sugar

a chocolate marshmallow treat that I got from my Secret Santa at work (still working on eating that Christmas candy!)

864 cals, 134 gms carbs, 28 gms fat, 22 gms protein


(at work)

1st snack at about 1:30 am–28 almonds and a slice of string cheese

2nd snack at about 4 am–Red Delicious apple and a slice of string cheese

411 cals, 28 gms carbs, 28 gms fat, 20 gms protein

Total for the day

1623 cals, 210 gms carbs, 66 gms fat, 51 gms protein, 25 gms fiber

And just to compare, Sparkpeople has my ranges (in order to lose 1 lb/week) at…

Calories 1460-1810   CHECK!

Carbs 164-194   CHECK!

Fat 32-70  CHECK!

Protein 60-158   A little low today…prob because I had the mac and cheese with no protein component for dinner

Fiber 25-35  CHECK!

Not too bad.


Got home and had breakfast after work and then went to bed but finished reading a great book (These Things Hidden) before falling asleep!  Rested my head at 9:30 am.  And then up again at 4 pm.  We headed to Kimm’s parents house for dinner and a movie.  Had pizza (never gets old!) and then I restrained myself and had two small sugar cookies for dessert (there were so many and they were SO good!).  Apple and peanut butter for a snack while watching The Legend of Billie Jean.  Then chatting during which I fell asleep (I get so tired on my first night off!)  Home late at 1 am.  Thankfully Izzy got to come with us this time so she wasn’t crated by herself at home…she loved being there 🙂

Here’s to more days off!!!

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