Friend Makin’ Mondays: Travel

Monday, February 20, 2011

Here we are already…2/3 of the way through the month!  Me thinks I need to hurry up a bit and try to accomplish a few of my goals!!

But for right this moment, I’m fully enjoying my second day off from work.

And here’s my weekly Friend Makin’ Monday installment…

Where did your most recent trip take you?

Hmmm…I guess I don’t travel as much as I would like to since I could hardly remember the last trip I took.  I believe it would be to visit my parents back home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, February 2011.

Is there a place that you’d like to visit that you haven’t yet?  If so, where?

I used to want to visit lots of places, and I still like the idea of travel.  I just think the hassle of travel is overwhelming (getting tickets, determining where you are going to stay, planning the itinerary, where you will eat, dealing with rude people, etc).  Places I would love to see one day include…Paris, Ireland, and Holland.  Plus I think it would be cool to visit every state in the US.

Do you travel lightly, or do you cram as much into your luggage as possible?

I would LOVE to learn to travel lightly, but I find that I’m one of those people who travel with the mindset of, “well, I might need that…” and so I always end up packing too much.

Do your eating and exercise habits change when you travel?  If so, how?

My eating almost always slightly changes because I can’t usually eat exactly how I eat at home.  There are usually a few more indulgences, but I don’t try to over do it.  As far as exercise, I don’t do too much at home, and I don’t do too much when I travel…so it’s pretty much the same!

Talk about a place that you’ve been that you’d like to go back to.

I haven’t been too many places, but I would like to go back to Door County, where I camped with my parents as a child, Provincetown, where I’ve vacationed with Kimm, to Georgia, where a good friend lives, and to Canada, to see Niagara Falls again!

Do you prefer to travel at a certain time of the year?

I prefer not to travel when it is snowing, cold, raining, or hot!  So I think that eliminates a lot of the time 🙂  Seriously, I don’t have a preference as to when I travel!

If you had to choose, would you go to the beach or the mountains?

Beach!  I love to feel the sun on my face, get splashed by the waves, walk in the sand, have a cool drink, read a book and relax.

Have you ever needed a passport to travel?

Nope.  the only place I’ve visited that I would now need a passport for would be Canada and my cruise and those trips took place before you needed a passport to visit.

Do you collect anything in your travels?

Nope!  When I was on the cruise I got a shot glass of every place we went but I have gotten rid of most of them because I don’t like them anymore, I don’t drink shots, and they are more clutter than anything.

Where do you plan to go next?

???  Not sure.  I would LOVE to be able to go somewhere this summer even if it is just a day trip.


It’s a beautiful day 🙂

Sunny and bright.  I’m doing laundry and then I’m not sure?  Maybe a walk with Izzy?  We are planning to hit up Barnes and Noble tonight so that should be fun.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, especially those who got an extra long weekend with the holiday!

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