Friend Makin’ Mondays: Before Photos

Monday, February 13, 2012

It’s Monday again!

Time for another Friend Makin’ Monday!  (ha ha, this is only my second time doing this ever and I sound like I’ve been doing it forever :))

Are you on a weight-loss journey?  Have you lost weight in the past? Are you trying to lose it now?

When have I NOT been on a weight loss journey?? I feel like I have been trying to lose weight since I can remember!  Yes, I did manage to lose quite a bit of weight in the past (about 10 years ago) and then when my life became full of stress I gained all of it back. I’m a stress EATER (I wish I could be one of those people that STOPS eating when they get stressed!)  It seriously makes me SO MAD to know that I did lose such a large amount of weight (around 80s pounds) and then gained it back.  So I’m definitely trying to lose it again now.  I’m almost 40 years old and I want to be at a point in my life where I don’t have to worry about this anymore.  I know that I’ll feel better physically and emotionally if I lose this excess baggage.  In the past I’ve always had these grand schemes of losing weight (for example, I want to lose 100 pounds in a year!) but this time I’m just going slow (my overall goal is to lose a pound a week this whole year, and I’m focusing on the mini goals…5% weight loss goals at a time).  I’m also focusing on ONE DAY AT A TIME.  It would be completely overwhelming for me to think of the big picture, so I just plod along each day and try to make the best decisions I can.  This is working much better for me!

Do you like being in pictures, or do you shy away from the camera?

I actually don’t mind being in pictures too much as long as they are somewhat flattering!  I KNOW that there are many pictures taken of me that don’t flatter me AT ALL.  But if I look happy and I like the picture, then I don’t mind at all!  It’s weird because I don’t think I’m in a lot of photos recently…just don’t take that many photos…mostly at the holidays or when my parents are visiting.

Does looking at old pictures of yourself motivate you?

As I was looking through some old photos of myself today, looking for some “before” pictures, I have to say that mostly when I look at old photos where I do not like how I look it saddens me.  I think most of the time I don’t think I am that heavy.  But when you see yourself in photos, you KNOW.  And then I’m sad because I think that I could have been SO MUCH happier with myself if I had just lost some of that weight.  I think I COULD be more motivated by old photos if I actually looked at them more often.  Maybe that is something I should do, so I don’t get complacent about my weight loss efforts this year.

Weight-loss bloggers, do you post progress photos on your blog?

Hmmm…I guess I don’t really consider myself a weight-loss blogger, but rather a life blogger (I post whatever I want about my life!).  But losing weight has always been a big part of that.  But no, I have never posted progress photos.  But now I am thinking that maybe I should!  It would be great to look back on this year.  Maybe monthly?  Or every 10% lost?  I will think about it and then HOPEFULLY I will remember to do it!

Will you share a before photo with us? 

Here are two…

This is me on an apple picking excursion in October 2011…

And this is me in New York City at the Ground Zero Memorial when I visited with my parents in October 2012…


Well, today is my last full day off before going to work tomorrow.  And I’m going to have to get to it if I want to accomplish everything that I want to on my “to do” list.

My plans:

Grocery shopping (two stores)

Return library books

Do a load of laundry

Make dinner and do dishes


And if I’m EXTRA ambitious then I hope to…

Return some cans from our basement

Organize some “stuff” into file folders

Go to the gym.

We shall see.  Kimm is still sick 😦  (and I’m trying my best not to get sick being around her sick germs!)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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