Monday, February 6, 2012

There was a Superbowl yesterday??

JK.  I KNOW there was, I just don’t follow football AT ALL.

However, I did see a very small portion of the Superbowl (half time, and the last minute)…because THE BEST THING HAPPENED…I was CANCELLED!!!!!


I had seen on the schedule when I was in on Saturday that there were 5 nurses scheduled for Sunday night.  So I took a chance and wrote “1st cancel pls” next to the 7-11 and 11-7 portions of my shift.  I never told Kimm because I didn’t want her/me/us to get too excited and then disappointed if it didn’t happen.  Well, I got the first call at 5:15, cancelling me from 7-11 and then I was biting nails wondering if I would get cancelled the whole shift.  When 9:08 hit, I thought “it’s not going to happen.”  When 9:12 hit I thought, “it’s really not going to happen.”  when 9:16 hit I thought, “I hate that place.”  When the phone rang at 9:21 pm and it was the hospital, I was smiling from ear to ear!!  They would only call for one reason…I was cancelled for the remainder of my shift 🙂

With my time off yesterday I watched Love and Other Drugs while Kimm watched the Superbowl.  The movie has been on my “to watch”  list for quite some time and it was really good.  Funny, with a deeper story line and I just love that Anne Hathaway.

Then after the game we watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

This morning I broke my low carb fast.  Stepped on the scale and….GOOD NEWS!  Down 2.8 pounds.  So that makes a total of 13 pounds since the beginning of the year.  So psyched.  I hit my 2.5% goal.  I tried on my smaller pants and they button (still kind of tight, but with another 5-10 pounds gone, they’ll be great).  It was a nice surprise on the scale.  I try not to base all my feelings on what I see on the scale, but I have to say it WAS a good feeling seeing that number.

Breakfast was carb-wonderful 🙂  Coffee with flavored creamer!  English muffin with peanut butter on one half and blueberry jam on the other!

It’s a gorgeous day…50 degrees and sunny.  SO happy I was able to get an extra day off combined with my sweet schedule for the next week.  So this week is now FOUR days off, one day on, and then FOUR more off!  It’s an unofficial vacation 🙂

Sorry, I can’t stop smiling.  I’ve needed this!

Tonight we are off to Kimm’s parents to celebrate her birthday and her dad’s birthday…pizza and cake here I come.

Hope everyone is having an EXCELLENT day!!!

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