Happy 37th!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today Kimm turned 37!

I kind of like that our birthdays are 2 weeks apart…once I’m done with mine, I get to look forward to hers 🙂

We had a FUN day together…

…slept in

…coffee and cheese danish that I had bought for us yesterday!

…movie (The Descendants) and popcorn–this was kind of frustrating for us since there seemed to be a problem with the volume with the movie that WAS NOT corrected, even though the management was notified several times…it wasn’t that you couldn’t hear the movie at all…it was just that if you chewed your popcorn too loud, you might miss an important part of the dialogue 🙂

…a walk with Izzy on a GORGEOUS day

…PIZZA!!!!! (and fries!)


…presents for her!

…ice cream while watching a movie (Boiler Room) at night

All in all, a great day (just went by TOO fast as usual!)


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