A little bit of work and a little bit of fun

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I realized today that I need to do my CPR re-certification next Tuesday and that I work tomorrow and Monday night.  Considering that I had to complete an online portion that I hadn’t even started, I knew today was the day.

I spent the afternoon working on it and almost got it done…just have the Choking section to complete.

As far as work around the house, Kimm and I also got through the rest of the stuff in Izzy’s room–sorted it into keep and get rid of, got it out of the room, and I vacuumed the room again…so now it is all set for her to set up her office in there.

I also made dinner (Shepard’s Pie!) and did a boatload of dishes.


But then we had some fun to look forward to…Girl’s Night with a group of girls I used to work with at my old job.  It was SO nice to get together and chat 🙂

We took veggies and dip and cheese and crackers because I wanted to make sure that I had something I would feel okay eating.  I didn’t want to deprive myself, but I didn’t want to overdo it either.

I have to say I did pretty good.  I ate a ton of veggies and dip and about 8 small cheese slices.  Really tried to avoid the carbs.  I did have two small slices of bread AND chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream (they surprised Kimm with a birthday cake!)  I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt no guilt (almost!!).  As far as drinks, I had two and then water and that felt fine.

The night ended with me snuggling with a super friendly cat that somehow I became very allergic to…lots of sniffles, sneezing and difficulty breathing.  Ugh.  Contact, inhaler and nasal spray when I got home.  It was a late night for us…in bed by 2 am!

I’m so glad we got together for Girl’s Night…we all really enjoyed it and are going to REALLY try to get together at least once a month 🙂

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