Tortellini Soup

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here I am, enjoying my “day” off (which really meant that I slept from 9 am to 4 pm and now am up enjoying the night!)

First on the agenda…making dinner.  It’s one of our favorites and I’ve finally perfected it so that I can share the recipe.

Tortellini Soup

Makes four large servings

Approximately 1 hour to make (only about 20 min prep time)


2 Tbsps butter

3 stalks celery, chopped

3 medium carrots, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely minced

6 cups water

5 vegetable bouillon cubes

1 package frozen cheese tortellini

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Salt to taste

To make:

Add butter to large soup pot over medium heat.

Add chopped celery, carrots, and onion.   Cook over medium heat for about 8 minutes until vegetables start to soften.

Add garlic to pan and stir for about 15 seconds, or until fragrant…QUICKLY add your six cups of water (you just don’t want the garlic to burn!)

Add the veggie bouillon cubes.

Bring the water up to a boil (takes about 10 minutes).

Add the frozen tortellini.  Cook for about 25-30 minutes until tortellini is tender.

Add the nutmeg and stir.  Add salt to taste (I usually add about 6 pinches).

This soup is DELICIOUS!!!!

While the soup was cooking I took a nice hot shower…felt so good.  Ate dinner, did dishes and then while Kimm watches the hockey game I set up a “mini-office” in the living room.  I’ve got my computer, a handwritten calendar (trying to figure out when I want to take vacation this year), my craft project for the month (which I REALLY need to get a move on), my food tracking notebook, and a book.  So far I haven’t made it past the computer 🙂

But it has been a very relaxing night.

Thankfully the Canadiens are winning (currently 6-0 in the second period) which is GOOD news since they haven’t done so hot this season.   This is good because Kimm is not swearing too much 🙂

Afterwards is snack time (I’m thinking Triscuits and celery with hummus) and another episode of Grey’s Anatomy…we’re almost done with Season Two!

And best of all, I get to enjoy another 1/2 day off tomorrow before heading to work.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic night!

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