We got snow people.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, HOW did it get to be 2/3 through this month already???

I believe I forgot to mention that the other day, the 16th into the 17th, we got our first snow of the year.  Of course I was working that night.  It was only a few inches, but STILL.  I don’t like snow!

I came home and shoveled since I still don’t know how to use that darn snow blower we bought.  I will have to learn this week I am thinking.

Anyways, it was not fun shoveling.  The snow, though minimal, was wet and heavy.  My neck and back were killing me afterwards and the next day.

And then last night, while we were at Kimm’s parents house it snowed again, another couple of inches.  Thankfully this time it was much lighter.  I shoveled when we got home since it was slowing down and I didn’t feel like getting up in the morning and shoveling.  I’m smart, right 🙂

So I’m glad I did that since there was really not much accumulation after that during the night.

But now I see that we are due for more snow tonight and tomorrow…tonight approx 1 inch, and up to 4 inches on Saturday into Sunday.

I guess I really DO need to figure out how to use that snow blower!

The morning today was spent writing blogs (trying to still catch up from last year!) and entering passwords in my iPhone (not so thrilling).  This afternoon will consist of reading my book 🙂  Much more fun.

I’m due to work two  nights and then off for two before starting an on/off pattern.  By the time it’s done this month will almost be over…

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  1. The snow was very heavy this morning. My son tried sledding down the hill in the backyard only to scoot about 2 inches because it was too soft and wet. He misses sledding from last year. It was fun but I’m ok with no more snow.

    Which app are you using to store passwords?

    I’m on the next two nights too. I always hated the on/off schedule. Do you mind it much? To me it feels like you never really get a day off. I have one on/off situation but having a set schedule more than makes up for it and it allows to me to have 3 days off over the weekend.

    Fingers crossed that the weather predictions end up being false for the weekend.

    • Hi Aimee!
      Drove home in snow that was coming down pretty fast this morning. And slippery out there…saw two big accidents, so I went slow.
      I would be SO fine with no more snow!
      I use the Pin Vault for passwords…it’s free and fairly easy to use.
      I don’t have the on/off too often, thank goodness. But you are right, it always seems like you don’t get a day off.
      Let’s hope not too much snow!!

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