Discouraging, but okay

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I didn’t mention much about weight loss this week, seeing as THERE WAS NONE!!  In fact there was a slight gain, which is of course is always disappointing.

HOWEVER, I am okay with this.

I know that my weight fluctuates a lot during the month, especially with hormonal changes.  And I ate whatever I wanted on my birthday…which I am COMPLETELY okay with…life is to be lived after all.

And I did lose 8 pounds!  That’s freaking crazy and great.  And my goal this year really is only a pound a week.  So, when you think of it that way, I’m so ahead of the game 🙂

So changes I’m making regarding my diet…

…continue eating lots of veggies

…add in more fruits (an apple a day)

…adding in small amounts of carbs (ex: brown rice, whole wheat rolls, whole wheat crackers)

…drinking more water

And I’m hoping that these things, over the next few weeks will allow me to lose some more weight.

I’m trying to remember that it’s about the journey, not the destination.


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