Uneventful Friday the 13th

Friday, January 13, 2012

Here it is, we are just plowing through this month.

Work was tiring last night…my eyes were burning from 2:30 am on.  There was a little excitement with a patient from 5 am on that allowed me to just survive on adrenaline which was a good thing.  Unfortunately it made me have to stay an extra hour at work as well.  So by the time I got home this morning, I was really tired.  So tired that I fell asleep in the chair with Madeline on my lap!  Surprising since she hardly ever sits with me.  But she had to this morning because Kimm was off to her first house inspection with her client!  So no Madeline hair allowed on her nice sweater!

Anyways, a good sleep during the day was so nice.  Of course I still woke up tired, but when do I not?  I am already looking forward to my comfy bed tonight 🙂

It was a good night though…made Taco soup for dinner and then we got our butts out in the FREEZING cold to get to the gym.  Where I managed to lift some very heavy weights.  I know I got a good workout tonight because my arms were sore even washing my hair in the shower.

Now I’m just relaxing, reading some blogs and we are about to watch some Parenthood.  I think an apple with peanut butter sounds good for a snack tonight.

And then when I wake up tomorrow…it’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! (just sayin’)


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