Thursday, January 5, 2012

I know I’ve been posting a lot about getting stuff done so far this new year, but really that is one of my top commitments of the year, so to me it is very important right now.

Today was a GREAT day.  I felt so energized and got SO MUCH done.  At least in my eyes.  And I had fun doing it…it didn’t just feel like a list of chores, which is the best feeling.  And even better, once I got something done, I felt accomplished and it made me want to do so much more.

So here’s the low down…

* did a load of laundry

* while the laundry was washing I organized a bunch in the basement–another huge section done and ready to be dropped off

* picked up books at the library

* picked up a few needed items at the grocery store

* made an awesome dinner (pan-sauteed zucchini, covered with spaghetti sauce and a bit of mozz cheese, yellow squash and a side salad on the side with a few strawberries (!) for dessert)

* did a whole sink-ful of dishes, ugh

* went on a walk with Izzy 🙂

* balanced all my accounts and paid bills

* and for FUN, we went over to Kimm’s parents house to watch a movie (Unknown…excellent if you haven’t seen it, it was our second time and just as suspenseful)…while there I helped her mom make chocolate covered peanuts…we were good though…only veggies and dip and almonds for our snack!

So it really was a GO-GO day.  But in a good way!

The best news of all was that Kimm’s client put in an offer on another condo!  So hopefully all goes well and with minimal negotiation, she will have assisted with her first sale 🙂


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