Saturday, December 17, 2011

I had a ROUGH time sleeping last night.

I was awake by 4 am and COULD NOT fall back to sleep.

Usually I will lie in bed until I eventually pass out, but today I got up (very quietly…so as not to wake up Kimm) and tiptoed downstairs.  I turned on the Christmas tree lights and proceeded to watch one of my very favorite Christmas movies…White Christmas…makes me cry every single time!

And then I figured, why not start the day!

I attempted to make my all-time favorite Christmas candy…Patience…and FAILED miserably.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it didn’t harden up properly.  It kind of stayed like a caramel messy goo.

SO FRUSTRATING since I love it so much and it came out perfectly last year, the first year I ever made it, so I figured I would have no problems again this year.

And since it took 2 hours to NOT turn out, I’m not attempting it again.

I’ll try again next year.

I did call my mom and told her and she reminded me of all the times that candy has not worked for her.  But it didn’t make me feel any better!

The remainder of the day was spent packaging up Christmas candy for the neighbors and then going to deliver it.  However, we didn’t get very far.  We started with our neighbor across the street and when we knocked on the door, I could see that she was sitting inside, just crying.  Oh, what an awful feeling to see that.  She did open the door and just said that she was having a rough day, missing her husband who died a little over a year back.  It made me so sad and reminded me that holidays are not happy for everyone and how much holidays = family.  We stayed and talked to her for a while and I like to think that we cheered her up a little.  However, I’ll NEVER get that image out of my head of her just sitting in the dark, crying.

It makes me so very appreciative of having Kimm.

I know I would be very lonely without her.

The remainder of the night was spent relaxing.  Perfectly fine with me.  We watched another Christmas movie–Surviving Christmas.  I can’t believe Christmas is in less than 10 days!!!

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