Double Float

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ugh.  Last night sucked.  Literally.

First I was floated to IMC for four hours where I had all the patients in the sitter room.  It was horrible.  But it was actually something I volunteered to do.  Somehow I thought that by having all the patients in one room, it would be easier.  I wouldn’t have to keep running out of the room to see my other patients.  Someone tell me WHAT was I thinking??  EVERYONE was acting up.  It was crazy busy and mentally stressful.

And then at 10 pm I found out that I was going to be floated to the ER at 11 and I was going to be taking an assignment.

I was  SO frustrated.

I was so behind and I knew I would never get down there in time and plus I wanted to take a break between my two floats (I rarely take my break but I knew I needed one).

I got done charting and giving report at 11:30 pm, took a break and was in the ER by midnight.

Thankfully, since I was so late, I was just a float…helping out the other nurses.

It actually wasn’t horrible (it was pretty slow and I liked the people I was working with and the doc), BUT it wasn’t MY home base and I was just tired of not being in ICU.

I was so glad to come home.

I’m crossing my fingers for a cancel for tomorrow.

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