Getting it all done….

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wow….the last day of November.


I have to say, the one thing that is most difficult for me as an adult is getting everything done that I want to (or feel that should) get done.

Either my expectations are too high, or I don’t schedule myself well enough 🙂

Today was busy again…got my car inspected (last day to do it…although I seem to recall that other years I got it done even later) and went grocery shopping.

Had an indulgence of a nap since I didn’t sleep well last night because it was unseasonably warm (60s outside which made the bedroom even warmer).

And now just made dinner.

Two nights of work stand between me and getting the Christmas tree!!

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  1. If my “To Do” list gets any longer it could be bound and published. Seriously where does the day go? For every one thing I get done it seems that two more tasks appear on the list. This time of year makes me feel like my time is even more condensed. One thing at a time I remind myself (even though I am usually doing 20 things!).

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