The “relaxing day” that wasn’t

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Since before Thanksgiving, Kimm and I designated today as our RELAXING day…a day to do absolutely nothing except what we wanted.

Well, even though many parts of it were relaxing, it definitely still had its share of errands and getting basic stuff done. Which means you can’t just stay in your pajamas all day long!

I guess being an adult means that truly relaxing days that last ALL day are few and far between (however, I will always try my darned-est to make sure that my birthday is one of those days!!)

Thankfully the errands weren’t too bad–post office for Christmas stamps, vet to pick up Izzy’s medicine, Dave’s (to pick up rawhides for Izzy but it turned out to be a wasted trip because they don’t carry her rawhides anymore…so we’ll have to find somewhere else to get them), Walgreens (also a fail…we were looking for Christmas cards), Target (where we were successful with getting Christmas cards although it took SUCH a long time…they just don’t have the selection they used to…everything is either wicked expensive or really ugly…we also picked up a few rolls of Christmas paper as well), and then finally Best Buy where we were looking for cases for our new iphones but again FAIL–they had a limited selection so we had to order online, but while we were there we did get to buy a Christmas movie that was only $3.99 (even though it was marked wrong–supposedly the sale had ended and we were going to be charged $7.99 but because the sign was still up we got the discount!).  **okay that was the longest run-on sentence yet!  But I’m too lazy to go back and make it better 🙂

Since this is my last day before going in for my long stretch we ordered grinders out.  And the plan is to watch another Christmas movie and have ice cream (we never had it last night).

I don’t want to have to work this next stretch!!!  It’s going to take a lot of mental will power to keep a positive attitude.  But I CAN DO IT…I’m just going to think of all those days off I’ll have once I get through this!

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