Sunday, November 27, 2011

So we had a little scare yesterday!

While we were eating dinner before I went to work Kimm all of a sudden said, “Oww!”–the right side of her face was sore and felt like it had “heartburn in her mouth” (her words, not mine 🙂 )  She had a difficult time opening and closing her mouth and swallowing the rest of her meal but since we were pretty much done eating, we didn’t think much of it anymore.

So I went to work and then a bit later I get a text from her saying that the pain was worse and that it was starting to swell.  She actually sent me a picture and it was very swollen…my poor sweetie looked like a chipmunk!

I asked one of the nurses I was on with, what she thought it might be and she said maybe a swollen parotid gland…after googling it, I guessed she was probably right.  As long as her breathing was not compromised, I told her to alternate ice/heat but she was unable to eat anything else the remainder of the night…too much pain.

When I got home this morning, the swelling had gone down significantly.  Since she had a showing early afternoon she didn’t eat anything because when she even swallowed something, it would hurt a bunch again.  I was pretty sure she would have to call the doctor tomorrow and get an appointment.  However, shortly before she left for her showing she said that her mouth on that side felt like it was “draining” and she was able to spit out some nasty looking stuff.  After that happened, she said it hurt a lot less.

She went to the showing, came back home and was actually able to eat something with very little pain.

Not sure if there was a blockage that cleared on its own, but I was just so glad she was feeling better.

At this point we’ll see how it is in the morning.

In other news, I did some online shopping tonight and we are about to watch a Christmas movie 🙂  After that it’s to bed since we are both exhausted.

Oh yeah, and I had a patient (whom I wasn’t even his nurse, but I did help another nurse with him) thank me for all my care and I have to say…it sure feels good to be appreciated!   I smiled the whole way home 🙂

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