Bathroom–The Floor

Friday, November 18, 2011

While I slept today during the day, our bathroom flooring was put in.

The good–we LOVE our new flooring!  It’s so unlike anything we’ve ever seen…although it is vinyl, it looks more high-end because of the texture…it truly looks like a linen pattern.

The bad–the installers did some damage to our walls!  I guess when they were putting in the sub-floor it got damaged…several scrapes and dents.

Kimm was so upset with the damage…she even called the flooring place and complained (we rarely call to complain about anything!).  They said they would send someone to repair the damage.  I think we were even more upset since we had JUST painted everything so it was all fresh and new.  It’s so frustrating when service providers don’t treat your property well!

**edited to add–the flooring company sent over the same people who put in the floor to to the repairs on the walls…however we sent them away–I was too nervous to have them do the repairs…I took one look at their paint brush which looked like it had been in use for 20 plus years (seriously it was so frayed!)–I decided that I would do the repairs myself.  Frustrating, but at least I knew it would be done right.

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