Dancing with the Stars: Week 5

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have to admit, ever since my parents have visited…I’ve been hooked on Dancing with the Stars!

I got up today and immediately watched this weeks episodes online.  Maybe it is my dancing background, but I just love to see the different stars dance.  I think that they really do a good job considering that they get less than a week to learn each new dance.  It makes me want to dance again.  I think I may have to research dance studios in the area.

My favorites on the show: Chaz Bono, J.R. Martinez, David Arquette, and Ricki Lake!

Other than spending close to 2 hours watching that, I really tried to be productive today!  I was able to balance the checkbook, pay bills, take Izzy on a walk (first time in a long time and boy was she excited!) and organize our first year of mortgage payments (yes, a long time overdue, but I’m finally getting to it–and let me just say, it is taking a LONG time….so frustrating…I was able to get the one year done but there are two more years remaining!–and it’s pretty sad that in that first year we paid only about $2700 to the principal and about $10,000 to interest!!!)

Now…on the bathroom front…

Can I just say…We’re kind of frustrated.

We were supposed to have the quote by yesterday, but it never was emailed.  Kimm called last night and talked to the plumber–he said for sure that it would be emailed out by the next day (today).

Well, by 1 pm today–still no quote.  So I called and the wife who runs the office said, “yes, definitely it would be emailed by today.”

So we wait…and by 7 pm…NO QUOTE!  Seriously, I can see now why people say that home repairs are so frustrating!!!

So Kimm called again, verified the email address and the plumber said he would have his wife email it out tomorrow (I guess he is computer illiterate and doesn’t know how to do that and PERHAPS she got the email address incorrect…but STILL!!!!  Does NO ONE want our business????)

So now we wait til tomorrow and cross our fingers.

Kimm is watching hockey and soon we will end the night with some more TV.

I wish it sounded like I got more done…but I guess that’s how it goes.  Time slips through our fingers very quickly.

I’m excited because tomorrow we go apple picking!!!

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