Let’s try this again…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Well, I have high hopes for this new plumber!

He’s racking up the positive points so far.

Positive point number one…he actually called to confirm his appointment.

Positive point number two…he came within the time period he specified.

Positive point number three…he had introduced himself to Kimm when she answered the door, and then he entered the house, saw me, and introduced himself to me, with a hearty handshake–I really liked that.  It’s so frustrating to be ignored.

Positive point number four…he took the time to answer all of our questions (of which we had a lot…this time we  actually made a list of questions to ask…turns out we had 11 questions…he answered them all thoroughly).

Positive point number five…he took pictures and measurements and a lot of detailed notes (this made me feel like he would be able to provide a detailed quote).

Positive point number six…he didn’t try to dissuade us from the materials we had chosen (for example, suggesting that something else more expensive was going to be better).

Positive point number seven…he was personable (when Kimm gave him her email address, he saw that part of it said ‘hockey’ and he went into a story about how he built a hockey rink back in the day)–it was nice to end the meeting with a personal connection.

Positive point number eight…he told us what we would need to do yet (decide on flooring and pick out a bathroom faucet).  I’m hoping this will help keep things on schedule.

Positive point number nine…he didn’t make us feel stupid regarding any of the questions we asked.

Positive point number ten…he gave a tentative start date and time to finish that was not too horribly far away–and he didn’t promise anything at this point which is good because when you start to make promises and then break them, that makes for a not so good impression.

I REALLY hope that his quote is not too astronomical and that we can get this thing started ASAP.  As I told Kimm…even if the quote is a bit higher than our previous quotes, as long as it doesn’t seem completely unreasonable, we will probably use him–because we got a good feel for  him and we need to work with someone we feel comfortable with and if we decide not to, then we will be back at square one, looking for another plumber, and pushing the bathroom project even further back which I know we cannot do much longer…the lack of showering is making both of us CRANKY!

A good thing is that when we were at the showroom yesterday looking at materials the showroom manager said that he was well-known and a good plumber.  Fingers crossed it works out for us!!

Anyways, during the afternoon we went back to the showroom to pick out a faucet (he is going to replace the faucet because he is also replacing the pipe under the sink…due to the slow drain/smell…he said our current faucet is a cheap-0 brand from Home Depot and doesn’t recommend doing that again…he recommends Delta or Mohen).  Fortunately we found a beautiful Delta faucet for only $145!

Picking out all the fixtures at a showroom instead of a box store really made Kimm and I feel like ‘big girls.”  I think we are really starting to realize something…you get what you pay for…and it seems like a lot of the work done in our house was done cheaply and you can totally tell.  It will be nice to know we have done it the right way.

After picking out the faucet we went to the flooring store to check out vinyl.  We had originally been going for a wood-look floor, but after perusing the selection, we veered away from that and went more towards tile-look/unique-look (not sure how to explain it…just different…kind of like a linen look?).  Anyways, there were SO MANY OPTIONS.  We narrowed it down to five and were able to take samples home to see what they looked like in the bathroom–you can’t do that at no Home Depot.  It was kind of funny…the guy who owned the store was saying that a lot of the flooring at Home Depot and other stores like them is very cheap…they cannot be sold with a “guarantee installed”–meaning they will sell you the product, but if anything happens to it after installation, there is no recourse.  Most of the flooring that is sold at higher quality stores will guarantee installation…meaning that if something happens to it after installation, you can go back to the store and get it redone.  We were learning things left and right 🙂


I’m exhausted just reviewing this day.

However it does make me VERY EXCITED to see our finished bathroom.

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