Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It’s kind of crazy how much planning even a simple one day trip requires.

Since I knew that my parents and I would only be in New York for a very short time, I wanted to maximize every moment there.

First up…transportation.

Train or bus?  After researching online I decided the train.  We could leave from either Springfield or Windsor Locks, CT–no brainer–I chose Windsor Locks (I will do anything to avoid Springfield!).  I thought I would be able to just purchase the tickets online the day before, but I didn’t realize that the tickets had to be mailed!  Very different than the e-tickets I was imagining.  I was so frustrated…I thought we were going to have to go to Springfield and purchase there but first I tried calling the 1-800 number–good thing I did because I was able to purchase at least the departure tickets over the phone.  We would need to purchase the return tickets at the station in New York.  Not ideal, but at least we were still going to be able to travel the next day!  I knew that we were going to take a test run to the train station in Windsor Locks, CT so I checked off transportation on my planning “to do” list.

Next up…purchasing the tickets for the bus tour in NYC.  I went with Citysights and purchased a package that included the bus tour through the downtown area and also admission to the Empire State Building.  $60 a ticket. Since I figured we would do best with planned activities I also purchased a cruise of the New York harbor where we could see the Statue of Liberty and the bridges.  Those tickets were $18 apiece.

Can you start to see that visiting a city costs quite a bit?

In my mind the next day looked like this:

4:00 am–up/shower/get ready

5:00 am–leave the house to pick up my parents at the hotel

5:15 am–leave the hotel/drive to the train station

6:00–get on train

9:00 am–arrive New York Penn Station

9:00-10:00 am–hopefully get return tickets situated/walk to bus tour stop/get on bus tour

…not to sure on timing but do the bus ride, visit the Empire State Building, take the cruise by 2:10 pm (last available time)…

4:00 pm–our Ground Zero reservations

5:30 pm–leave Ground Zero and take subway back to Penn Station

6:30 pm–get on train

9:30 pm–arrive back in CT/drive to hotel

After all that…CRASH!  I know I’ll be exhausted 🙂

I really can’t believe that it took a good portion of the day just to get organized for tomorrow.

I just hope that everything goes according to plan.

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