Weekly Update

Friday, September 30, 2011

It is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS day out there today 🙂

I am so happy and smiling like crazy!

I have to say, I really am influenced by the weather, even though often I don’t think I am.  But this last week of humid, wet weather was really starting to get on my nerves.  But today it is breezy, sunny and not humid in the least–finally FALL weather.  We opened all the windows in the house and are airing everything out!  Love it.

Another thing that is making me smile today is the fact that we both slept really well last night.  Despite going to bed late (it was my last night before having two on again and I wanted to enjoy it!), we just slept and slept….close to 9 hours which felt glorious.  I cannot emphasize how much better I feel after having a good nights sleep.

When I woke up this morning I headed downstairs to get on the scale.  I don’t know what I was expecting.  I was just hoping for the best.  And even though my results were nothing outstanding, the number went down and I am happy about that.

Result:  Down 1 pound this week

Pounds to lose before the wedding Oct 29 (my personal goal): 6 pounds

I think this is TOTALLY doable!  There are four weeks until then.

My parents are visiting this next week so I just need to remember to eat well, not deny myself any treats we may have, but also not to OVER-indulge.

Overview of my goals last week:

1) drink 2 of my water containers/day (which I found out the container is 16 oz, so a total of 32 oz)–DONE 🙂

2) have a healthy, portion-sized snack each night–I did pretty good 6 out of 7 nights…there was one night that non-portioned cheesy pretzels were involved, but that’s not bad for me!

3) get 8 hrs of sleep/night–accomplished 4 of 7 nights–not too bad I think considering all the extra stress with our plumbing issues…

So now moving on to my GOAL for this next week:

***Drink 3 of my containers of water/day (48 oz/day)

I decided to only make one goal for this next week because I’ll be busy with my parents here.  I’m still going to aim for 8 hrs of sleep/night, but that may not happen.  I will still focus on healthy eating, but there may be a few treats thrown in.  But I figure I don’t want to beat myself up…life is too short for that!  So I will track what I KNOW I can accomplish this next week.  If I can get all my water in, I’ll feel good 🙂

I already am thinking about getting back to the gym after my parents return home to MAKE SURE I can make my goal of losing 6 pounds by the end of October.  I’m actually getting kind of excited about it.



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