Plumbing Update

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am so TIRED of dealing with this stupid plumbing issue already.

I feel like even writing about it is driving me crazy.

But I do want to at least write out what I know.


So the appraisal guy came today.  I didn’t like him.  Basically he was rude.  Just our luck.  Why we keep having to interact with these kind of people makes me wonder what I did in a previous life to deserve this???


He came in.  He looked at the kitchen ceiling for less than one minute and then asked if we had recent work done.  “No” was the answer and then he didn’t respond to that.  He took a picture and then wanted to see the bathroom.

So up to the bathroom we went.  He looked at the tub and basically said he couldn’t tell what was causing the leak at this time but that it could possibly be the valve.  Took a picture.

He told us that he would be unable to do an appraisal until we got the work done and the plumber told us what was causing the leak.  Then he said that the only thing the homeowner’s insurance would cover would be “the damage caused by the work the plumber did to correct the leak.”  What would not be covered…”damage caused by the leak…anything that had to be done because it was improperly installed in the first place.”


It was to us but because he was so rude I was glad to see him go.  He said to give him a call when the work was done.

After he left I immediately called our insurance agent to discuss what he said because according to her, we were not to get the work done until he did an appraisal.  Well…after talking with her, she said that sometimes an appraisal cannot be done because they don’t know what is causing the problem.

So basically can you see our dilemma??

If we continue with the claim we don’t know what the homeowner’s insurance would actually cover.  It doesn’t seem like they would cover to get the kitchen ceiling repaired or to put a new tub in (because it had been originally put in improperly).  Seems like they would only cover the valve if that is what is causing the leak.  They could maybe cover the tub if the plumber HAS to take it out to get to whatever is causing the leak.

So there is a lot of unknown.  With a $500 deductible and an estimate of close to $5000 from the plumber, those are not good odds.  Especially when what we do know for certain is that with a claim our insurance rates would go up and we would become “non-preferred” customers.

If we drop the claim, we would pay for everything out-of-pocket.

Not ideal.  But do-able.

We always wanted to get the upstairs bath done.  Just not now.

But I guess everything happens for a reason.

We will be thinking on this for a little bit, but we are leaning towards dropping the claim.

If that is the case, we will call the plumber back, get a more detailed estimate and begin the fun process of deciding what we want for that bathroom.  Because if we do it, we will be doing it all–replacing tub, toilet and floor.  Then we will repaint.

There is a small part of me that finds this kind of exciting–the home decorator in me!

Then there is another part of me that is a little bit freaked out–the responsible, OMG-how much is that going to cost!, part of me 🙂

More updates to come as we know more.

The ONLY good thing about all this is that the bath WILL get done…we WILL get to enjoy it…and it WILL be good for resale down the line.

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