Plumbing Stress

Monday, September 26, 2011

My one day of work went fine…no major issues–which is how I like it.

However, I am still feeling very stressed about the plumbing problem we are experiencing.  I was hoping that another of the plumbers that I had called on Friday or Saturday would have called back.  But no such luck.  And since I had talked with a co-worker regarding her water damage due to plumbing issues and heard how her home owner’s insurance required her to get two estimates, I wanted to have at least another plumber come out and look at the bathroom and kitchen.

So after I slept a bit during the day, I called a local plumber and was amazed that this time an actual live person answered.  The guy I talked to was a little rushed and kind of gruff (I didn’t get the best feeling from him on the phone) but he said he could come out within the 1/2 hour so I said that would be great.

Once he got here, I again didn’t really care for him.  I really don’t understand why people who work in service careers are not more personable.   I mean he didn’t even introduce himself!  I’m going to possibly pay him for a service…I would think that he would want to impress me.  Anyways, he did take a look at the bathroom and said he would write an estimate and email it to us the next day. I am pretty anxious to see what it is since he also agreed that the tub would have to be replaced.

All I have to say is that all of this UNKNOWN is SO stressful. I’m worried about how much this is all going to cost.  I’m worried that the home owner’s insurance won’t cover this, or if they do that they will cancel us or that the premium will become astronomical.  I’m worried how long the repair will take.  I’m worried how it will fit in with my working schedule.

Yep, I am a worry wort.  I completely admit it.

I’m trying to just go with the flow, but I feel this is all happening at such an inconvenient time, what with my parents coming for a visit this next week.

I am really going to have to work on being LESS stressed and MORE relaxed.

I just hate feeling stressed because then of course I want to eat more.  I don’t know how most people who get stressed eat less.  I WISH that was the case for me.

I’m just trying to focus on my weekly goals (drinking my water, eating my good snacks, and getting enough sleep) and that has been helping tremendously…gives me something to put all my nervous energy into 🙂

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