Weekly Goals (this Thursday to next Thursday)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So I weighed in this morning and it was a bit disappointing.

Up 2.2 pounds.

However, I did notice that it is getting close to that time of the month and maybe I’m retaining water?? This does happen but I’ve never really kept a close eye on it because I was weighing myself monthly before.

Anyways, I recorded the number and noticed that at least I’m still down one pound from the week prior.

So I’ll take it and with that attempt three health related goals this week:

1) Drink more water (two of my pink containers…which I believe is about 48 oz? I’ll have to measure tonight to be sure…but anyways…drinking two full containers is more than I normally drink…usually I just drink one with dinner)

2) Cut down my night-time snacking (pay more attention to portions…possibly just have a cup of coffee?)

3) Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night

I know I will feel good if I do this consistently this week.

Kimm is sick (a cold) so my other goal is to NOT GET SICK!!!


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