Sedation and Analgesia

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It’s not much of a night off.

I slept all day and now have to spend some time studying for a required nursing class held tomorrow from 8 am to 4 pm (ughh…why so early??)

The subject–Sedation and Analgesia–basically the meds that one receives during conscious sedation (for example, when you go for a colonoscopy).  The ironic thing is that even though I utilize some of the meds (for example, versed, fentanyl)…I probably will never use them for the purposes of conscious sedation.  In ICU we use versed and fentanyl to keep someone sedated while intubated (a deeper state of sedation than conscious sedation).  With conscious sedation you want someone to be relaxed, but still able to follow directions and maintain an airway.  It is interesting stuff, but studying the med dosages is killer–I find it so hard to memorize stuff by rote!  I need to be able to relate it to something and with this, I can’t.

I had a drink while studying and at least that made it more bearable 🙂

And I relaxed and watched Parenthood at 10 pm.  Love that show!

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