Tickets Bought

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Did I mention that my parents are coming to visit in the beginning of October?

Well, they are and I’m VERY excited.  It’s a beautiful time of the year to visit New England!  I LOVE fall!

So today, one of the most annoying tasks was completed…plane tickets are bought and hotel room is booked.

You wouldn’t think that this would be a big deal, but seriously, I think the airlines are out to get you.  I was all set to purchase tickets via Travelocity when the ticket price changed.  Oh no you don’t!  I was pissed.  It had gone up like $50 a ticket.  So then I searched around on actual airline websites until I found the exact same flight times and was FINALLY able to nab the plane tickets at the price we had wanted.  Booking the hotel had its own little hiccups, but eventually they were all figured out and my parents will be staying at the same hotel they did last time which makes it very easy.

Now I can focus on the fun stuff…meal and activity planning 🙂

The other thing that was great about today was that I discovered a new TV show that I really love (this RARELY happens).  Kimm had gotten into the shower and I had flipped on the TV and since only House Hunters International was on HGTV (not a fan), I changed the channel to the Food Network and there was this show called Restaurant: Impossible.  It features chef Robert Irvine from Dinner: Impossible, helping failing restaurants become great again.  He is one tough cookie, but the changes he brings about are AMAZING.  I would highly recommend watching to anyone who is interested in food, design and personal change.

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