The Big Clean-Up

**post-dated for Monday, August 29, 2011

After Hurricane Irene we did have a bit of clean-up to do.

Our yard was littered with branches and a section of our fence had started to lean towards the street.

Kimm went outside right away after breakfast/computer time to begin the cleanup and I decided to do a task that had been on my “list” for a while–rubbed down the butcher block counter tops with mineral oil.  It took a little bit of time because I had to take EVERYTHING off the counters–what a pain.  The counter tops are not that great because the previous owners never really took proper care of them and I’ll be VERY glad when they can be replaced–but recently they were starting to look really dry.  I had read online that you can oil the counter tops with mineral oil but was always a little nervous to do it…oil on the counter tops??  But today I did it…a LIGHT coating of oil and they really did look much better.   Of course they will look even better when replaced but that’s not for a while.

After finishing with that I headed outside to help Kimm finish up with picking up sticks and then we tied the fence back to the fence post–yep we are cool like that.  Like the kitchen, we have no money right now for a new fence…but will be equally as glad when it is replaced!

Then, since I was already hot and sweaty, I decided to take out my tomato plants since they totally SUCKED this year…SUCH a disappointment.  So out they came and I tilled the soil and put a little blessing on the dirt hoping that it would be better next year.

And then, while we were both so stinky and sweaty, we took Izzy for a walk before showers.  She loved it of course!

The rest of the day is really a blank.  Not sure what I did!  I’m sure it was mostly relaxing.

I do know we watched The Lake House that night and I ate Doritos that we had bought for Irene.  Somehow I felt the need to have junk food during a hurricane.  Great movie but didn’t feel so great after having the junk food.  But it is so irresistible to me!   Ugh.

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