**post-dated for Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today was the day for more movies.

Fine by me…I LOVE movies 🙂

First we went to go see The Help with our free movie passes.

Okay, when did a matinee get to be $7.75??!!  Yikes.  Seriously.  Way too expensive.

My honest opinion of the movie–it was OKAY.

I LOVED the book and this movie did not come close to the detail that the book provided.  It was good entertainment but I would HIGHLY recommend reading the book.

After dinner we went for a nice long car ride.

The breeze blowing in my hair, looking at the houses, just relaxing…it was wonderful.

That night we watched another highly anticipated movie–Forks Over Knives.  I’ve been wanting to see this for a while and it was finally available through Netflix.  The premise of the movie–you can avoid surgery (the knife, i.e., open heart surgery) by better controlling what you eat (the fork, i.e., eating a whole food, plant based diet).  As usual, I got highly motivated watching this movie.  I kept nodding my head and saying, “true, true, I know, I know.”  Especially after eating a little indulgently this past week (why do I associate vacation with “eat whatever I want!”) I was ready to hit it hard again.

I went to bed knowing I would face the scale in the morning and it would NOT be pretty.

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