End of August

**post-dated for Wednesday, August 31, 2011

See when you do these posts backwards, you really get messed up in time.

I said I was going to get on the scale…but there was still one more day of the month.  So nope, not until the next day, which at this point has already passed.  Confused yet?

Anyways…I have to say that this vacation felt just so weird to me.  I would feel motivated one moment, completely lazy the next.  I would feel healthy and strong and confident, and then fat, with no willpower and no self-esteem.  I would feel happy, then sad.

It is a horrible feeling to feel so conflicted with your emotions.  Very hard to actually move forward and do things.  Just keeping it real on the blog.

So for this last day of August…

–got Tropicana Coolatas and bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts (tasted amazing, but felt guilty for eating them because of all the sugar and processed crap)

–went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of healthy food to start the new month out right (one new goal–reduce eggs/dairy this month)

–ordered pizza from The Pizza Guy–it was great–thin crust, no sauce, garlic oil, tomatoes, real mozz cheese, and basil–smelled and tasted awesome–will definitely be back for more!! (one superb example of why I don’t think I will ever be able to go vegan–can I give up my pizza??? my tacos??? my cheese on my veggie burger?? arghhh)

–sat on the porch for the evening…it was glorious…I am LOVING the front porch on these end of summer/first of fall nights!

Tomorrow will be the scale.

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