Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boy, I haven’t had a crazy, busy night like last night in a while!

For the first four hours I was in the ER where it was painfully slow…hello max of 7 patients.

At 11 pm I was back in the ICU and there was a patient who was going down hill fast–low blood pressure.  The doctor was there, putting in a triple lumen catheter and an arterial line and we were going to initiate Flotrac (for nonn-invasive hemodynamic monitoring).

Let’s just say, the set up of everything, and then labs that were off and that necessitated multiple meds and blood products made for a VERY busy night.  There was barely a moment to chart.  Somehow I managed to get out by 7:30 am, which I am considering a miracle.  I charted briefly, and I hope succinctly.  Once it was over, I felt like I had really had a night of CRITICAL care!  Kind of exciting.  I just can’t wait until all of this stuff is like second nature.  I’m sure that will take another couple of years though.

Two off then two on before my next vacation 🙂

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