**post-dated for Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I fell a little behind in the blogging.

Reason: busy day on the day I return back to work and thus ran out of time to blog before work and then while working became too exhausted (sleep > blogging in the morning!)

Such is life.

Now let’s see what happened those days.  I’m trusting my memory which is not that great!

Today a trip to Target 🙂

Needed to find a top to wear to a wedding shower on Sunday.  Very tough to do since I am so picky about clothes.  But I did find two options.  I will probably keep both since I like them.  Also looked at the clearance racks and found three t-shirts for $3.97 each!  Not too bad.

So I indulged but didn’t feel too guilty.  I’m glad I have some more because several of my t-shirts are getting that “worn too much” look–perfect for the gym or wearing to bed, but not so nice out and about.

I LOVE getting new clothes and can’t wait to wear them.

Problem is, I actually have to wear them.  I seem to have this problem where I buy new clothes and then save them for a special occasion.

I guess I should look at every day as a special occasion.

I am worth it to wear nice things every day 🙂

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