Bed Time Survey!

**post-dated for Saturday, August 6, 2011

I was WAY too tired to post anything this weekend while I was working…BUT I did see this interesting survey on Peanut Butter Fingers and thought it was cute and interesting…and therefore I decided to answer the questions as well 🙂

How many hours of sleep do you get each night?  I usually get about 7-8 hours (the goal is to head up to bed about 11 pm, but by the time the nighttime routine is finished–taking Izzy out, emptying the dehumidifier, feeding the cats, brushing my teeth–it’s close to 11:30 pm and then I usually read for a while…I set my alarm for 8 am most days so if I’m asleep by 12 am, then I get 8 hours, if I read more…then less sleep!) *BUT I would really LOVE to get 8-9 hours of sleep, that’s when I feel most rested!

What time do you usually go to bed?  Aim for 11:30 pm to be IN bed

What time do you get up during the work week?  My work week changes week to week!  If I am coming off of a night on, I get up at 4 pm.  If I am waking up after a night off, 8 am the alarm goes off.

What do you wear to bed?  A t-shirt

What is the last thing you do before bed?  Kiss Kimm good-night

Does coffee wake you up?  No.  I like to think it does, but I know it doesn’t.  In fact, sometimes I’ll have a cup of coffee before heading to bed after work and I still fall asleep immediately.  I do like to have coffee when I get up on my days off, but it is more for the flavor and routine, not because it keeps me up 🙂

Does vodka put you to sleep?  I don’t drink much vodka!  I don’t drink much in general.  I don’t think alcohol makes me sleepy but I could be wrong!

How do you sleep–on your side, stomach or back?  Side only.  I flip back and forth all night long like a fish!

Do you dream about real-life things or complete fantasies?  Real-life things.  Most times I’ll dream about something that happened that day at work or if something is bothering me.

Ever had a recurring dream?  I don’t think so.

Which is worse–being too hot or too cold in bed?  Definitely being too hot!  We run the air conditioner all summer at 62!  And during the winter we even like it cold.  I like to snuggle under the covers.  The worse thing EVER is to be hot while you are trying to sleep.

What size is your bed?  Queen.

And three questions of my own for fun…

How many times do you get up during the night to go to the bathroom?  Usually once.  But there are days when I get up much more and then some days where I sleep the whole night through!

Do you prefer to get up early or sleep in?  I LOVE the feeling of sleeping in, but hate that I feel as if a good portion of my day is wasted.  That is why I am TRYING to get up earlier now.

Do you wake up with an alarm?  Yes.  Even though I HATE it.  The best feeling is just letting your body wake up when it wants.

Work update–I was in ICU all night.  Interesting patient–came in with a subdural hematoma and we were monitoring intracranial pressure–something completely new for me.  The nerve-wracking part of the night was that I was the most experienced RN on…it was just me and one other nurse who just got off orientation.  I did not like that. Thankfully we got through the night with no issues!


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