New Scrubs

**post-dated for Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, was again, HOT.

We woke up and after having breakfast and relaxing doing our computer stuff, we decided to head on out to the grocery store and get that done before we were too worn out to do it.

After returning, we had scrambled eggs and French Toast for lunch–oh, so yummy!  Haven’t had that in a long time.

During the afternoon, I headed out to try to find some new scrubs.  I have been meaning to do this for like, FOREVER.  Let’s just say that I’m still wearing scrub bottoms from when I was first a new nurse (that’s FOUR years now!).  So of course they are pretty nearly worn thin between the legs from rubbing together as I walk–in fact I’ve needed to get rid of three pairs so far because there are huge holes.  That has left me with only two pair of scrub pants.

It’s not that I haven’t looked for scrub pants before.  In fact I did buy some last summer, but I don’t know what I was thinking, I bought some petite, so they are too short.  Probably when I was shopping I was not wearing my work shoes and so they looked the perfect length with my bare feet.  But I hate wearing them because they are so short.  And every time I go looking, the pants just don’t fit my body type well.  My legs are fairly thin and I have a little belly.  So if I can get them to fit in the waist, they are usually WAY TOO BIG in the legs.  I hate how that looks.  I’m heavy enough where I am heavy…I don’t need excess fabric making me look even more heavier!

So I took my time and tried on A LOT of scrub bottoms.  I was getting so frustrated.  But I kept on looking because I really needed new ones.  Finally I found some I liked.  I bought three pairs.  They were $20 each but it turns out I got a 10% discount from where I work.  Nice 🙂  Funny though, the lady who was checking me out said, “you must really like this brand of scrub!”–I replied, “when I find something that is flattering, I buy them up!”

So I was going to look for some scrub tops as well, but after looking at them, I really wasn’t impressed.  Can I just say, I DON’T like how all the scrub tops are SO FEMININE!  I just wanted something simple, but then I was like, maybe I will just try to get some plain t-shirt like tops.  I have always worn scrub tops but I’ve never really loved how I looked in them.  And I have seen a few people wear just the simple t-shirt.  Of course I’ve never thought of that because I always have a ton of stuff in my pockets and I feel like I’m too fat to wear that.  But I decided to stop over at Kohl’s to take a look since they are always having sales.  And sure enough, I found some simple cotton tees that were not too casual and picked up 6 of them in various colors. On sale for $10 each.  So for about $115, I got three pairs of pants and 6 tops…not bad!

So I’m kind of excited and kind of nervous.  It’s like Christmas…a whole new slew of outfits for work!  It’s going to take some getting used to, not having a scrub top on that I feel hides some of my rolls 🙂  I’ll have to get used to carrying less around with me…a good thing in my eyes…usually I have so much in my pockets that my shoulders are killing me from the weight of everything!  I’m anxious to try it out Friday night.

Again, bad blogger…no pictures.

Anyways, so I got home and quickly hopped in the shower.  A friend of Kimm’s was visiting us.  We had a good time catching up and eating grinders for dinner.  Yay for no cooking on hot days.

And that was that for Wednesday.

P.S.  So forgot…we watched Unknown last night (movie from Netflix)–SO GOOD–a definite MUST-SEE!  So suspenseful!

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