A slight shade of red…

**post-dated for Thursday, July 21, 2011

I went to the beach!!!

It was awesome 🙂

I’ve been REALLY wanting to go to the beach this summer.  And this week of HOT weather only intensified the want.

I was all set to go to Rocky Neck (where we’ve been before, about an hour and a half ride), but then a friend of ours mentioned a beach in Northampton.  Really??  It’s called Musante Beach and I believe the body of water it is next to is the Connecticut River, but I’m not sure and too lazy to find out!

But I decided to check it out and I’m SO glad I did.  It’s the perfect little escape and so much closer!

What’s not to love about sun, sand, water?

Have I told you I absolutely love the smell of suntan lotion 🙂

My beach day in numbers:

Minutes to drive there: 45

Times I got lost: 1 (even with a printed out google map!)

Number of people at the beach: 40 (approximate)

Times I dipped in the water: 10-15 (I don’t really remember…approx every 15-20 minutes!)

Number of cherries eaten: 20-25

Bottles of water drank: 2

Number of suntan applications: 3

Pop-chips eaten: 23 (I know because I counted them out!)

Items I had to carry to the beach area: 5 (towel, chair, pillow, cooler, backpack)

Number of lifeguards: 2

Cost: $5 (non-resident)

Number of sunburns: 1

Books read: 1/2 (currently reading Gap Creek, an Oprah book)

Hours gone: 6

I really had a lot of fun!

I knew I wanted to get some color…however, I guess you don’t really start to feel a sunburn until after you have it!  On the drive home my legs were burning.  By the time I got home, I looked and I was a lobster!

Took a cold shower and then I felt like I was burning from the inside out.

But all in all, not a bad day.  The burn is minor and I DID get some color 🙂

The rest of the night was spent–shopping at Price Rite and watching CSI.

Last full night off done 😦  Three on now.  The only good thing is that I’ll be working in A.C.


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