One and One

Monday, July 18, 2011

I had ONE patient last night.

IMC, but in the ICU.

ONE patient who pretty much drove me crazy–he was confused, pulling at his oxygen tubing, his iv tubing, his foley, AND trying to climb out of bed.

Even though he had an order to be in restraints, he still kept me busy.  He was a wiggle-wort.

I’m sure I was ONE of the highest paid “sitters” last night 🙂 (our hospital contracts for sitters to SIT with confused patients to help redirect them and ensure their safety–no sitter for this guy…just me watching out for him…so essentially I WAS his sitter).

Anyways…the night passed by SO slowly.  I had nothing to read because I had read  my ONE fiction book yesterday during the day.  It was that captivating.  Title–“The Violets of March”–get it, read it, and be enthralled as I was!

So instead of reading something fun, I studied ABGs (arterial blood gas interpretations).  Tons of fun I know.  Confusing, but necessary.

Back again tonight.  Who knows what it will bring.

Off to bed.

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