Plants and flowers!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yesterday, even though it was hotter than heck, Kimm and I spent the day beautifying our front porch with the final layer–plants and flowers!

Flowers are pretty new for us…really stepping outside of our comfort zone.  I mean we love the LOOK of flowers, but hate that flowers attract bees.  However, when we were out looking at the garden shop, we were wowed with the colors of the flowers!

We got so wowed we bought more plants/flowers than we had pots to put them in!  No worries…a quick trip to Home Depot and $100 later, we were in business.

Final result:

Yellow daisy-like flowers!

Love the tri-color mix I created…I am so creative!

LOVE this corner…and STILL LURV my stretchin’ doggie 🙂

Another great nook…love the combination of plants and pots…

Bright coleus!

ORANGE gerber daisy!

Deep purple coleus.

Brown grass in cool yellow pot!

Leftovers 🙂

Lucky bamboo I got Kimm

Wavy, dangling ivy

Green grass

Pink flower!

Up close…stones on top…another brilliant idea

More yellow

SO pretty…I see my toes 🙂

To the RIGHT.

To the LEFT.

Even one for inside…in the dining room

I’ll say it one more time…we LOVE our outside area EVEN MORE!!!



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*post-dated for Monday, July 11, 2011

It’s hot as heck.

When it’s like this I tend to THINK…a lot.

And usually I think about the negative…how I’m not doing enough with my life, how others are doing so much more.

But I saw this on a blog and it made me realize that I don’t have to do things by leaps and bounds.

Slowly but surely will get me there too.

Now Kaye, STOP comparing yourself to others…you will never find happiness if you do that!!!!


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