Front Porch…Beginning to End

*post-dated for Sunday, July 3, 2011


Our set-up before…although we loved our bistro set, new ottomans, and lamp, we were QUITE over the stark, dirty white walls and the old, fraying bamboo floor covering

Also HATED the peeling, spotted, gray floor and all of our bric-a-brac

Oh, you ugly blue recyclable container in plain sight, with more misc trash and empties!

And old bookcase with who knows what on your shelves…


Completely cleared out…you can see how dirty the walls are…

And the other way…took us only about a 1/2 hour to get everything out…probably the easiest part of the whole make-over!

Mid-washing the walls…you can see how dirty they were on the right…cleaner on the left…took us a few hours to wash down–BIG pain, but worth it

By the way…we have a hole in our floor…

Just dirt…thankfully!

We washed down the entire floor too…UGH!

Next up–primer, one coat (hard to photograph…but you could definitely see a difference)

Finally mixing the color 🙂

Color on the wall…pale green

Whew…all the color up…

White trim-work to doors and ALL THOSE WINDOWS!–absolutely the WORST part

Light tan for the floor

Half-way there…

Floor done…now the hard part…waiting a week to ensure a good drying time…


STUFF!–a new outside rug–LOVE–our old bistro set on the right, our comfy brown ottomans to put our feet on, a little reading lamp for ambiance lighting at night, the wrought iron table and chairs brought in from outside for dining/playing games, the other two wrought iron chairs with new brown cushions, a new table in between…

And a view from the other end…recyclables OUT OF SIGHT 🙂 (great little holder from Target!)

Close-up of bistro set and rug

Close-up of extra seating (and rug again…love the checkerboard pattern and the new rug smell!)

Close-up of table

Close-up of recyclable holder

Days painting: 3

Veggie grinders consumed: 2

Cursing involved: MUCH

Final result: TOTALLY WORTH IT


Now all we have to do is buy some plants to infuse some organic matter into the area!!  I’m hoping that will get done this week.







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  1. Love the porch! And I totally stole your recycling idea. We actually had a similar bench in the shed so I cleaned it out and it is now storing our bins. Thanks for the idea. I love having them out of the way.

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