They say…

*post-dated for Thursday, June 30, 2011

…that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt I believe).

Well, I had better learn to stop giving my consent.

All I have to say is that working at a hospital and communicating with the doctors and other co-workers often makes me feel inferior.  There are so many times that you feel like you are bothering the doctor or that you don’t know what his train of thinking is regarding a patient that it just makes me so MAD.  And then the nurses…I think some nurses think that you should know everything about critical care–but there is a big difference in working in an ICU for less than a year, versus many years.

I guess I need to develop thicker skin and really stand by my convictions.

I just wish I really had a better ICU training.  There are so many things that I wish I knew more about.

So logically, I have a PLAN!

I’m going to start studying critical care nursing again.  Making it a part of my daily habit.

If I can’t get the training from work, I’ll have to get it on my own.

And I will keep repeating to myself…”NO ONE CAN MAKE ME FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT MY CONSENT!”

(can you tell I had a frustrating night at work!!!!)

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