Day One of “Operation Porch”

**postdated for Saturday, June 18, 2011

So this vacation is all about getting the front screened in porch painted.

It’s going to be a task.  A long, hard task.

But one whose rewards will be able to be enjoyed for years to come.

Today started it all.

First thing…empty all furniture out of the porch and store in basement…30 minutes.

Second thing…vacuum floor/windows and take out nails…30 minutes.

Third thing…wash walls…2 hours.

Fourth thing…caulk…1 hour.

Fifth and final thing…wash floor…1 hour.

Ugh…5 hours of hell.  Well, mostly just 3 hours of hell  because it was the washing of the walls and floor that was torturous!

I was like a limp noodle when it was done.  A shower and just sitting never felt so good.

But then we were out for the night…a concert in Easthampton at a small, intimate, playful bar…The Cellar…the Big Bad Bollocks were playing.  The show was decent…not as good as their St. Patty’s Day show, but still good.  The best part was that Kimm ran into an old friend that she used to work with…he was the bartender.  Which meant lots of free drinks for us (not that we were expecting it…he just did it!)  I had two VERY STRONG fuzzy navels 🙂

Didn’t get home until close to 2 am.  We are wild I tell you!

(I will be posting pictures of the porch all in one post at the end…before and after style!)

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