Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a lovely first night off from work.

First of all, let me say I had a very enjoyable weekend at work.  It was SO SLOW.  Yesterday I actually had only one patient who was fairly easy and thus was able to read about 200 pages of a book at work…whoa…that has NEVER happened before!

After coming home and having my half cup of decaf coffee, I headed to bed.  I set my alarm early because we were heading out to eat at Olive Garden to celebrate Kimm’s father’s 12th anniversary of his heart transplant!

The meal was wonderful as usual…I had 1 and 1/2 breadsticks with Alfredo sauce, a serving of salad, about 1/4 of my pasta dish, and then a slice of lemon cake.  SO GOOD but I should have gone with 1/2 a slice of the cake.  I was SO full afterwards!

As far as the restaurant experience…the waiter was a bit odd, but very attentive.  The surrounding patrons of course were so annoying…three families with young kids and the kids were noisy.  Typical for kids at a restaurant but still made for a loud and distracting dining experience.

Here’s to another year of good health for Kimm’s father!!

Got home and basically have just been relaxing on the computer, reading blogs.  Too full and tired to do much else 🙂

Did talk to the family–my nephew Eric’s 10th birthday party was today and it seems like he had a blast!  Can’t wait to see the pictures my brother posts.

Now I’m off to read.   If I finish this book this week that will be TWO books in one week for me…amazing!

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