Outside Gym

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So I had all these plans to go to the gym today.

But then Kimm said she was going to do some yard work.

So I headed outside and did some myself.  Weeded out the 4×8 garden and also the old fire pit which is where I’m going to put the tomato plants this year.  That took about an hour.



HA HA…Izzy’s tail got in that picture 🙂

Then I helped Kimm with cutting up all the branches from the magnolia tree that she had pruned off.  That took another hour.  And boy were my legs feeling it!

Then I took Izzy-bear for a walk and she was so happy!

Back home for a shower and my legs feel so wiped out.  Covered in mosquito bites too.  But proud of what I got accomplished.  Now I think I’ll aim for going to the gym next week.  I also HAVE to get the garden in before Thursday before it rains (and before all the weeds grow back!!!)

I’m going to make dinner and then off to work.

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