Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The weather has been CRAZY tonight!

We had gone out to do our first trip to Price Rite (hello fresh produce!) and we were checking out when the cashier said, “So I heard that we might get a tornado.”  We were like, “WHAT?”  But then when we looked outside it was getting dark and stormy.  We made it home fine but I’m so glad we got home then.  Turned out that while we were eating dinner (around 4:30pm) a tornado went through Westfield, Agawam, West Springfield, Springfield, Wilbraham, and Monson.  It didn’t look like too much damage here (heck I didn’t even know it was happening!) but lots of damage to the other places–tipped over a semi, ripped up many trees, a few old homes torn apart.  So far looks like only one fatality; however many more serious injuries.  We even made the news in Sheboygan!  My mom called to ask how we were!  Thankfully I was able to tell her that we were fine.

Wow.  I feel very lucky tonight.

It’s crazy watching the news and seeing the pictures of all the damage and knowing that it was so close to us.

In other news, Kimm and I did GREAT on our weigh in this month.  I lost 7.6 pounds (for a total of 14.4 pounds in two months) and Kimm lost 5 pounds (for a total of 10.2 pounds in two months).  WOW!!  Also lost in measurements–I lost 8 1/2 inches (for a total of 16 and 1/4 inches) and Kimm lost 5 inches (for a total of 16 and 14 inches–we’re the same!).

Got wicked tired after dinner.  Just lying down on the couch listening to the tornado news was oddly relaxing.


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