Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kimm and I saw an incredibly INSPIRATIONAL movie today called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead–a documentary showing how Joe Cross, an overweight Australian, lost an incredible amount of weight, got off all prescription meds, and turned his life around by juicing for 60 days straight while driving across the USA.

The show was at The Academy of Music theater in Northampton.  Only $6 and we got to see the movie and each received a bag with a bunch of carrots, an apple and a piece of ginger–they were raffling off a juicer.  Unfortunately we didn’t win 😦

But the movie was GREAT and afterwards Joe Cross was actually there to do a Q & A.  He looked amazing.  He lost close to 80 pounds in 60 days by drinking just juice. He now maintains his loss with healthy eating interspersed with juicing.

Actually one of our neighbors has been juicing and she has lost an incredible amount of weight as well.

I’m going to research the whole juicing thing and may try to incorporate juicing and juicing fasts into my diet.  I’m excited!

If you are interested in the juicing movement, check out the Reboot Your Life movement which advocates juicing as a part of healthy living.

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