Love Me Some Pizza!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow.  This month is almost over.

Busy day…cleaned the bathroom…not my favorite chore but it’s done…went to a required meeting at work for 2 hours, came back home and…


It was so good…just basic store-bought dough, tomato sauce and mozz cheese…but all bubbly and hot and crisp…SO GOOD.  I was “yumm–ing” my way through the entire meal 🙂

Target was very dangerous for us tonight.  It always is.

Kimm got a watch, two pairs of shorts, a belt.

I got a watch, a t-shirt, and some socks.

Together we got a binder for recipes, a BP monitor, non-sweating water bottles for summer, and non-sweating smoothie cups.

It has been INCREDIBLY humid here for the past few days.  Like summer.  So disgusting in the house…everything is sticky.  Really makes me want some air-conditioning…but it’s only April for gosh sake!

Off to watch something on TV and have some popcorn.

Really getting excited for the ROYAL WEDDING tomorrow…I’ll be parked on the couch watching 🙂

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