Stress Test

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No, I’m not stressed!

Kimm had a stress test this morning and thankfully everything is okay.

So now hopefully this will be enough for the doctor who did the carpal tunnel surgery to be okay for doing the next surgery (she was concerned about the high heart rate Kimm had during the surgery…which we, meaning ME, know was probably caused by the Versed she got as a sedative…which we, meaning ME, knows has the opposite effect, due to her previous experience with other sedatives of the same class…doctors, when will they TRULY listen to their patients!)

Anyways, rant done.

The good news is that she’s fine 🙂

In other news, the Canadiens won the 6th game of the quarter finals and so get one last chance to beat the Bruins tomorrow night.  I hope they can do it!

While Kimm watched her team win tonight I finally watched the first two episodes of Glee (I know I’m TOTALLY behind the times) and I liked it.  Gotta love Netflix instant streaming 🙂

Off to eat a snack and watch some CSI before bed.  Want to get lots done tomorrow!

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