Outdoor “Fitness”

Thursday, April 14, 2011

If you can’t call doing yard work outside for 2 and 1/2 hours fitness, I don’t know what you can!

My entire body is sore!!

Probably from bending up and down so FREAKING much!

We are making great progress…another two bushes down.


Ugly, scraggly bush by the side of the house, underneath the living room window

Really THE ONLY way to properly open a lawn bag 🙂

Halfway through, look who comes to visit…Mr. Man…checking in from the basement window

A closer view…this is him at the end of a “meow”

All done…look at all those roots

The next bush we attacked…hi Izzy!  (this one is by the side of the house, next to one we took down the other day)

All done…this one wasn’t too bad because it was so dry (LOVE the sun!)–hi Izzy again…isn’t she adorable

The view from the side of our yard now…

SEVEN bags full…first yard waste pickup is this next week!

We’ve made lots of progress, but we have TONS more to do.  This year we are taking the yard by storm!

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