Shopping Maniacs!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wow.  I cannot even believe that the first week of the month is already gone!

Time is FLYING by!

One piece of good news–my new raise went through 🙂  4%!!  It’s really not all that much, but for someone who has not seen a raise in TWO years, it’s nice.  I was smiling when I looked at my paycheck this week.

Today we had high hopes to get a lot done.  As usual, we got less done than expected.  But it still FELT like a lot!

We wanted to go to the Good Will that is in Springfield, but of course we drove all the way out there, and it’s no longer there.  So we drove back and went to a different one that we knew of…that took about three hours of our time.  But it was worth it.  Kimm and I both were lucky enough to get some stuff.

Then we came back home to eat lunch and then we headed back out again.  This time to Kohl’s–I was hoping to find some new sneakers that I can wear with my orthotics.  NO LUCK.  I was SO bummed.  Every pair I tried on, the heel was majorly slipping, or if I saw something I liked, it wasn’t in my size.  So we left and went to Famous Footwear where my luck turned around–I found not only one, but TWO pairs of shoes 🙂  I’m going to keep one for work and one for taking walks and the gym.

After that it was Target.  And we all know how Target drags you in.  Even if you have a list, you get sidetracked by all the wonderful things 🙂  We went wild.  Kimm got two watches, I got a new watch for work.  I also got a new bag for work–a smaller one for the summertime.  I LOVE it (it’s Swiss Gear–good quality).  We also were looking at the outdoor stuff and saw a very cute table and chairs that we would SO LOVE to get for the side of the house.  We are thinking of having someone come out and give and estimate as to putting in some type of patio.  We would love to have a fire pit out there too.  Oh the plans!!

By the time we got home it was 7:30 pm!  And we had still wanted to go to the library, Stop and Shop, and the liquor store.  I guess those will get moved to tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy too since we want to get a bunch of yard work done as well.

Hopefully we both sleep better tonight since it’s been rough going.  However I do think my sore throat is FINALLY getting slightly better.  I still keep slugging the cough syrup at night though 🙂

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