A Day Off??

**postdated for Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is the weekend where I work Friday and Saturday, have only one day off, and then work again Monday and Tuesday.

The thing about having only one day off when you work overnight is that it really is not a full day off, but more like two half days.  Which even though seems nice, really sucks.

I slept until 4 pm on Sunday, then got up.  We ate dinner…yummy fake chicken parm sandwiches with mixed veggies and brown rice on the side, and then I called my parents to chat.  After a nice phone call, during which I was coughing almost non-stop, I read some blogs and then we watched some Parenthood that we rented from Netflix…I really like that show!  And I had my one popcorn serving for the week…SUPER yum 🙂

I had gone down to get our vaporizer from the basement (which we haven’t used in like over 5 years!) and was all excited to get it set up to use that night.

But guess what?

Vaporizer FAIL.

It never heated up.  The night-light went on, but no steam was produced.  I tried cleaning the inside of the heating element as it suggested, but it was a no-go.

So last night’s sleeping was HORRIBLE.  I could not STOP coughing.  That tickle in my throat just never went away, no matter what I did…drinking water, sucking on cough drops, holding my breath (yep…that doesn’t work too long!).  Finally at 3 am I got up, went downstairs and read the rest of my book until 4 am and then I think I slept on/off til 8 am when Kimm got up.  She also had a terrible night of sleep…probably partly because I was coughing so much and plus because her throat has been so dry.  We are quite the pair.

I KNEW I should have bit the bullet and gotten some cough syrup last night.

That’s what you call laziness.

Yep, I’m a master at that 🙂

Anyways, so now it is Monday, nearing noon and this is the rest of my day “off.”

Want to know my great plans?

Walgreens–cough syrup and a new vaporizer.

And then a nap before work tonight.

I’m a wild one alright.  Watch out world.

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